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EDM examples

Your 'ask' is everything, so follow our best practices or simply copy an example below

3 Hot Tips
  1. Mention video and the 'thank you' in the subject line

  2. In the email, let your customers know they have been specially selected and you're trying something new

  3. Add how their video will benefit other prospective customers rather than your company

Example 1

Subject: Share your experience with [BRAND] In video for [INCENTIVE]

Body Copy: Hi [CUSTOMER NAME] 

We’re trying something new and we've specially chosen you to help. Fingers crossed.

Now more than ever, people need [YOUR PRODUCT BENEFIT]. So will you share your experience of using [BRAND]. It'll give others confidence to do the same.

Videoing is super simple and will only take you a couple of minutes. It doesn't have to look professional at all, just your phone will do the trick!

As a little thank you, we'll send you an [incentive]


Example 2

Subject: Share your experience in video with [BRAND] for [INCENTIVE] 


Body copy: There’s loads of people like you who [PAIN POINT YOUR BRAND SOLVES].  By sharing your [BRAND] story you’ll be helping others to know there’s an option out there that can help.  


Sharing your [BRAND] story in video will earn you [INCENTIVE]. 


Recording is really simple to do and only takes a couple of minutes.  Just click the button below to get started.



Example 3

Subject: Has [BRAND] changed how you experience [PRODUCT/SERVICE]?  Tell us in video for [INCENTIVE]


Body Copy: You've had your [PRODUCT/SERVICE] for a little bit of time now and we want to know: has it changed how you [NEED YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE MEETS]. Help other people have what your having.

Get [INCENTIVE] when you share your experience with us. 

Click the following link to find out more: [CAMPAIGN LINK]

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