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Reel Success Stories: Daily Blooms

Updated: Jun 8, 2022


Daily Blooms is one of Melbourne's top online florists. They pick the freshest bunch of flowers each morning to create and deliver a beautiful bouquet that’s unique and different every time.


Daily Blooms has a very strong base of customers who absolutely love sending and receiving their flowers. They were hoping to exponentially grow by sharing their customer love with other potential customers.

Additionally, they found it hard to differentiate their flower offering online compared to their competitor's offering.

The Strategy

Daily Blooms made a campaign to generate video reviews from their loyal customer base.

After receiving a heap of reviews, they begun using them in a variety of FB & Instagram ads.


  • Collected 40+ videos in 48 hours

  • 33% of other Social CAC

1 of Daily Blooms' high performing FB & Insta ads:

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