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Reel Success Stories: Software by Eucalyptus

Updated: May 2, 2022

Who: Software by Eucalyptus

Software is a D2C skin care brand which is created specifically for your skin. Their doctors get to know your skin and your goals before designing your perfect custom formula and then ship it directly to your door every two months.


As one of the leading skin care brands in Australia, Software are continuously trying to find ways to expand their digital marketing at scale. While they utilise a range of different types of media for their ads, they know that UGC is an incredibly powerful format for at driving sales.

However, when it came to collecting this high quality UGC at scale, it proved to be very timely and costly.

The Strategy

Software created an initial campaign to generate video reviews from their passionate customer base. After seeing great early success, they have now incorporated Reel.Reviews into their post purchase workflow.

Once collected, Software have been continuously using the UGC in many different FB, Instagram and YouTube ads.


  • Collected 40+ videos in less than 24 hours

  • Content has been turned into 20+ creatives

  • 50% improvement in CPA for Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Eucalyptus have now rolled out Reel.Reviews across their other portfolio companies; Kin & Juniper

A from Carly, Eucalyptus Content Manager:

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