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Reel Success Stories: Glow Dreaming

Updated: May 2, 2022


Glow Dreaming is a sleep aid designed especially for children. It brings together a unique combination of science and natural therapies that have been proven to help induce sleep.


Glow Dreaming have continuously tried for to expand their marketing efforts through video. However, after several attempts, they weren't able to launch a successful video campaign that was able to drive conversion.

Additionally, Glow Dreaming had a lot of great UGC (user generated content). However, their customers posted this UGC straight to their Instagram page so it was difficult to use it as marketing collateral or in a review carousel on site.

The Strategy

Glow Dreaming used to collect authentic video reviews from their loyal customers. After collecting a bunch of powerful and authentic video reviews, they used the UGC in several FB/Insta ads and on their website.

Check out 1 of their successful ads:


After running their UGC as an FB/Insta ad for several weeks, they were able to generate a ROAS of 5.8!

A from Celine, their Content Manager

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