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How to customise and add your widget to your site

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

If you have installed via Shopify learn more here

This post will take you through the 5 simple steps:

  1. Publish

  2. Customise

  3. Embed

  4. Learn

  5. Repeat

Step 1 - Publish

  • Publish your videos to the widget. This can be done in Your Videos.

  • Add a title too as this will display below the video in the widget. It works like a short cut for site visitors to help them decide which reviews to watch.

  • Your videos will automatically have captions applied and you can double check any weird spelling of your brand...we get real reviews on our own videos! This can be done in the transcription area below your video.

  • You can also choose the thumbnail for each video. Just head to the three-dots menu > change thumbnail and work through the prompts

Step 2 - Customise

Head to Widget to customise how it will look on your site

  • How wide do you want the widget? (this is different to how many videos you want it to hold. For instance if you have published 5 videos and choose a double widget then the 5 videos will randomly show in the double widget each time the page is loaded)

  • Are you a square or rounded corners person?

  • Drop it like it's hot? Drop Shadows or flat?

  • Then generate code will also generate a preview for you (unless you've only just published the videos, then the widget will just need to warm up a bit before the videos shows up)

Step 3 - Embed

  • Log into your site builder (eg Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Wordpress etc) and create an html block on your the pages you want to show the widget.

  • Copy the code snippet to that block and voila! You have your very own video review widget ready to start racking up more leads and more sales.

Step 4 - Learn

Check out Insights to see how it performs.

Step 5 - Repeat :)

Keep inviting customer to record videos, keep publishing them to your widget because when it comes to site content, fresh is best!

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