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How to reward your customers for recording a video

It's simple and we definitely recommend it!

If you have installed via Shopify then read the steps here

Two types of rewards available

  1. A universal code What is it? How to set it up.

  2. A digital gift card - What is it? How to set it up.

A universal code

Is shown to all customers who leave a review. Your customers will see it after they record their video, it's the final screen in the Campaign. The code can be downloaded by your customers as a pdf. You can customise the "thank you" message that goes along with it.

This is what your customers will see

Each video collected will show if the customer has been 'rewarded'.

This is what you'll see on your dashboard to know that your customer has been rewarded

A digital giftcard

Choose the currency, the amount and provide a "thank you" message. It can be redeemed at 100s of different retailers.

A branded email will be sent to your customers with your thank you message

Trigger the card to be sent to your customer in Your Videos, where their status will be updated to 'rewarded'. If you're on a paid plan we will confirm your card details (or you can change them at this time), if you're on a free plan then we'll ask for your card details at this time.

Reward your customer from Your Videos

Setting up the universal code

A few simple steps as shown below

  1. Go to Reward

  2. Select Universal Code

  3. Enter your code of choice

  4. Provide a 'thank you' message

  5. Save reward

Setting up a universal code

Setting up a digital gift card

A few simple steps as shown below

  1. Go to Reward

  2. Select Digital Gift Card

  3. Choose the country of your customers (so the selection of retailers and currency matches their location)

  4. Choose the amount per card

  5. Provide a 'thank you' message

  6. Save reward

Setting up a digital gift card

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