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Reel Success Stories: Tyroola

Updated: May 2, 2022


Tyroola is Australia's largest marketplace for tyres & fitting services. By offering their stock purely online, Tyroola faces a lot less overheads compared to other tyre shops, thus translating to cheaper prices for their customers.


Tyroola provides a great innovative service for car-owners in Australia. While they are disrupting this industry, it's challenging for them to be able to articulate their valuable service when a potential customer is browsing their site.

The Strategy

Tyroola decided to collect video reviews through to then display on their website so potential customers could better understand the value Tyroola provides. They also thought it would add an extra layer of social proof alongside their text based reviews.

From the get go, Tyroola decided to incorporate Reel.Reviews into their post purchase workflow.


  • 12% Increase in checkout cart conversion

  • 2x increase in basket size when customers view at least 1

  • 23,000 views (& counting)

Check out the some of the reviews Tyroola display on their website below:

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