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We've launched Insights so you can optimise your onsite conversions widget on a customer site
The RE3 Compression Pack widget in all its glory!

If you haven't yet embedded your widget on your site, perhaps start with this How To

What's Insights all about?

There's a new tab within every campaign called Insights. There you'll find:

  • how your customers rate you out of 5 stars

  • which are your most viewed videos circulating in the widget

  • which are your top performing pages (so best to place the widget on more than the home page, product, checkout and testimonials pages work too!)

  • the devices your site visitors watch the content

And all of this can be viewed over different time periods, last 24hrs, last 7 days, for all time.

Ta-da! Insights!

Why should I care?

Because knowing how your widget and the content is performing will help you make changes to drive better site metrics and best of all conversions.

So whether that's leads or transactions, this handy data will help you choose which videos to keep in circulation, choose which you might want to use for a Social campaign and determine on which page your audience is most receptive to the reviews.

And we're only getting started

Our roots as Consumer Researchers with sister platform Qualie, puts us in good stead to provide more and more helpful insights about how your content performs and of course how your customers feel. This is just the start of a big road map planned for Insights.

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