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The Prediction Engine

It's the reason why we are the best video review platform around 

The Prediction Engine identifies which of your videos will be the most persuasive to use on site or in Socials to drive sales. customers see performance metrics improve by an average of 30% was built by experts in Consumer Psychology at Qualie, we believe:

  1. not all videos are created equal and,

  2. selecting videos for marketing should be based on data

Why wait to see how campaigns perform live and risk high CAC, low ROAS, when you can always use the most persuasive content from the start?

How it works

As your customers complete a campaign, the platform also collects their point of view on another customer video.  Is it helpful? Is it authentic?  Is the person relatable? Are they engaging on camera?  This combination of factors predicts a videos real world performance.

The more videos you collect, the more points of view we collect on them, the more powerful the Prediction Engine becomes at selecting the content best for your site and Socials.

On your campaign dashboard you will see each videos persuasion score, complete with a data-backed recommendation  - making it easy to see if you should use it or ditch it. is like having a consumer psychologist working for you 24hrs a day so you can always select hardworking content.

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